Galaxy z Flip Review

Galaxy z Flip Factory Unlocked Cell Phone |US Version - Single SIM | 256GB of Storage | Folding Glass Technology | Long-Lasting Battery | Mirror Black.

1. Samsung galaxy z flip Change the shape of the future: 

an expansive Smartphone experience with a groundbreaking new foldable glass display high-definition camera and hideaway hinge to capture your life from every angle.

2. Samsung galaxy z flip 3 From palm to pocket: 

Easy to fold, easy to hold, Galaxy Z Flip’s sleek Compact-Fold design flips closed for pocket-sized portability. Slip the cell phone into a pocket or bag and go.

3. Samsung Galaxy z Fold 3 Beauty is in the hand of the beholder. Galaxy Z Flip's unique folding form factor is enhanced with an impossible-to-ignore, eye-catching exterior in your choice of stunning hues.

4. Samsung Galaxy z Fold 3 Transform the way you capture: 

Galaxy Z Flip’s breakthrough camera lets you shoot, stream and connect hands-free from new angles. With ramped-up night shots, high-definition 4K video capture, and wide-angle perspectives, you can share your world whenever and wherever you are.

5. Bend your imagination: 

Infinity Flex Display is an immersive Dynamic AMOLED screen delivering incredible color quality. With minimized bezels and no notch, it's 6.7 inches of stunning cinematic viewing.

6. Galaxy z fold 3. A tailored experience: 

A sleek new form calls for a sleek new experience. With Flex Mode, App Continuity, and Multi-Active Window, Galaxy Z Flip provides elegant new ways to capture, share and experience content.

7. Power-packed: 

powerful Snapdragon 855+ processor, slim but mighty 3,300mAh battery, 8G of RAM, 256 GB of storage, and the latest Android OS gives you the speed and deftness you need in a compact form.

Galaxy z Flip3 Review

The fact this comes with a Snapdragon 865+ is stunning and unprecedented. That is the one used in rare Taiwanese gaming phones! This phone is one of the only ways to get one of those easily.

Performance is, obviously, amazing, and the screen is so sharp and clear. The Android experience is great, I love Samsung's UI especially when you use it with the official Samsung App "Good Lock" in the Samsung App Store, which unlocks all the multitasking features and others.

I have a game running, a chat going, and a full-screen keyboard on one half of the device (SwiftKey). Also, it is easy to set apps to pop up in little floating windows so that you can read your notification in the app itself, tap the Close symbol, and move on with your day. That is so much better than having to entirely change what is on your screen.

The screen is the tallest/widest I found, on a site that keeps track of these sorts of things. I love it. You can see so much of your feed at once! Or, you can split the screen in half (or into three or more with the floaty windows) to see a whole lot at once.

Especially with a nice case (mine's a soft-plastic purple Ringke). I am simply flabbergasted by how amazing this phone is. People in tech circles used to say "Small, powerful, durable. Pick two." This has them all.

This is the smallest and most powerful phone I have ever found, and it opens up so big and roomy. Really nice phone love it. The camera takes great photos to love the way it folds and can fit in a pocket easily. Looks really cool.