New Brand iPhone 13 Review

New iPhone 13 Our most advanced dual‑camera system ever and Durability that is front and center. And edge to edge. A lightning-fast chip that leaves the competition behind.

    new iPhone 13

    New iPhone 13

    Camera upgrade to fit

    iPhone 13 designed architecture and turned the lenses 45 degrees to fit in our best dual-camera system ever — with it is biggest Wide camera sensor. We also made room for our sensor-shift optical Photos stabilization. And we equipped the Ultra-Wide camera with a faster sensor.

    The New Ultra-Wide camera reveals more detail in the dark areas of your Pictures and the Wide camera captures 47% more light for better pictures and videos.

    Presenting Cinematic mode

    Filmmakers use a technique called rack focus — shifting focus from one subject to another — to guide the audience’s attention in their movies. Now iPhone 13 makes it is easy for you to bring the same storytelling technique to your videos.

    You Can Take a great photo without lifting a finger.

    • Night mode senses low-light scenes and automatically adjusts to take bright, clear Pictures with amazingly rich colors and Portrait mode artfully blurs the background to put the focus on your subject. You can try out 6 creative lighting effects with a swipe.
    • Smart HDR Four now recognizes up to 4 totally different people in a scene and optimizes the contrast, lighting, and even skin tones for each one. So everybody looks their best. Deep Fusion activates in mid-to-low-light scenes. It analyzes multiple exposures pixel by pixel to capture the subtlest textures, patterns, and details.
    • The Ultra-Wide camera gives you a wide field of view even when you are right up close to what you are shooting. So you can capture a lot of the scene without stepping back.

    iPhone 13 Introducing Photographic Styles

    The TrueDepth camera system has all the latest features from the back cameras:

    • Cinematic mode
    • Photographic Styles
    • Dolby Vision HDR recording
    • Portrait mode
    • Night mode selfies
    • Smart HDR 4
    • Deep Fusion and more for a whole stratosphere of selfies.

    A15 Bionic and the TrueDepth camera also power New Face ID, the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone.

    new iPhone 13

    New iPhone Pro Max

    2x the storage

    New iPhone 13 starts at 128GB for all your photos and videos


    Our OLED display gets 28 percent brighter, up to 800 nits, so it is easier to see in full sunlight. And it still goes up to 1200 nits for HDR content. You will notice bright whites, true blacks, and every shade in between. Yet the display conserves power better than ever.

    Super colorful

    iPhone features a cinema standard wide color gamut, displaying colors just as filmmakers intended. And with precise color accuracy, everything on the screen iPhone 13 looks remarkably natural.


    The Super Retina XDR display has an ultra-high pixel density, so Pictures photos, videos, text — whatever you’re viewing — look extra-sharp. And the display is even more expansive, thanks to a smaller TrueDepth camera area.

    The lightning-fast A15 Bionic powers Cinematic mode, Photographic Styles, Live Text, and more. Its Secure Enclave locks down personal info like your Face ID data and contacts. And it’s more efficient, helping to deliver longer battery life.

    • Up to 50% faster CPU than the competition
    • Up to 30% faster graphics than the competition
    • The only smartphone chip faster is in the New iPhone 13 Pro.

    New Apple iPhone 13

    No one does 5G like iPhone.

    The world is quickly moving to 5G. Streaming, downloading — everything happens so much faster. iPhone 5G is even fast enough for serious multiplayer gaming, sharing AR videos, and more. With Smart Data mode, the New iPhone will downshift automatically to save power when you do not need all that speed.5

    In touch. In the moment. 

    iOS 15 lets you keep the conversation going while sharing music, movies, or whatever’s on your screen right in FaceTime. Stay in the zone by filtering out any notifications that are not relevant to the task at hand. And interact with text in Pictures to quickly send a mail, make calls, get directions, and more.

    iPhone helps put you in control of your personal information. For example, Privacy Nutrition Labels help you see how apps use your data. Apps need your permission to track your activity across other companies’ websites or apps. And that’s just for starters.

    Our stores, data centers, offices, and operations are already carbon neutral. the carbon footprint from using them — will be, too. This year we eliminated the plastic wrap around the New Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro boxes, saving 600 metric tons of plastic. And our established final assembly sites now send 0 waste to landfills.

    New iPhone 13 Mini Review

    iPhone 13 Pros

    1. Battery Life. Needless to say, it is excellent. we see for how long that holds up.
    2. Size. Even though is a tad than the first-gen SE, it can fit in your pocket, we can hold it while running, though your grip is not gonna be as good unless you have big hands.
    3. Wireless charging. One of the best features of iPhones today.
    4. Screen real estate. A lot more than the older iPhones, even if it is just slightly bigger.

    iPhone 13 Cons

    1. If the headphone jack was a dealbreaker then, this is not gonna convert you. I miss it. I announce on top of why proprietary headphones are a bust, the alternatives are crappy cheap wireless headphones or a dongle.
    2. Face ID. In the time of mask mandates, this technology has been established to be hilariously worse than TouchID. Basically useless and unpractical, unless you are driving without sunglasses.
    3. Lightning jack. iPhone seems to jump the gun when upgrading to technologies that do not improve their products, but they cling to the ones that make them money with their dear lives. Even their iPads have moved on to USB-C.
    4. The protruding camera box. Hilariously bad design choice, but it forces you to buy a cover to level the New iPhone on it is back.

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